We Are One in Taiwan!

So here's the thing. We only stayed 4 days in Taiwan and obviously, it wasn't enough. On the first day, we roamed around the city by foot, attended a meeting, ate noodles and dumplings and the last time I remember, I was laying in the hotel bed, feeling tired and sick (expecting the long flight from The Netherlands to Asia, that was like 15 hours). But that did not stop us. We were just starting our trip.

The second day, we were able to have authentic Taiwanese breakfast (which I have been waiting for since we booked our ticket going there). We walked for ten minutes to the food court, arrived there expecting a long queue of of hungry souls, but fortunately, the line moved so fast that we did not even realized that we were inside looking at the fresh sesame buns they're baking on the spot. It was something that I will always cherish, our awesome second day.

After that, we had a little tour outside the capital city and was able to see what's laying in the outskirt of Taiwan. It was still amazing. The people, the food, the scene, the neighborhood. Also, there's this technology mall that G cannot miss in this trip. It is called Syntrend. They have 9 floors of so many stuffs that you will want to take he building in your pocket and take it home with you (if you will not be caught in the immigration). We had the chance to go to one of their night markets too. Ugghh, that was the best! For dinner, we ate at a toilet restaurant and that was so fun, food's good too!

Finally, we needed to leave and go back to our normal lives in The Philippines.

Don't think that we did not bring anything for you guys. We actually filmed a lot for you to see what's in the island of Taiwan.

You can watch the videos at our YouTube channel "The Dutch Pinay Couple" or just click play below.

Enjoy watching! And please don't forget to share love always!

Few Days Left, Asia Soon!

Here I am, sitting in front of the computer, blank.

Actually, not. There are just too much and too many things running in my head and I do not know where to focus.

First, we only have very few days left in The Netherlands. I am happy we were able to scout around the capital city even for a day. It was surely worth it. Things are more expensive though (ohh hilariously expensive). After three months of stay (work work work), we are finally going home to see our family and friends in The Philippines. It's always exciting to see them again after few months.

But passing to Taiwan is another thing we are looking forward to. It has been one of our dream destinations in Asia. And now, it's happening! For the longest time, we can finally have our honeymoon (sort of).

I am happy that I can bring my new printer which was mentioned in my previous post here. But I am sad that I need to leave my die-cutting machine. It is too heavy that it might cause an additional fee on our luggage. I really love that machine, it is so handy, easy, and lovely. Soon, I will share with you the cards I made using that thing.

In few days, I am going to start working again, maybe. As of now, we actually don't know. See how blank we are these days. We are so full of beautiful emotions that we cannot even manage to think.

Very First Handmade Junk Journal from Spares

There's nothing perfect to do in foggy and chilly weather but to stay at home and do all those thingamajigs. I'm guilty. What can you do in a 0°C temperature? For me, it's the best and perfect time to have some hot tea, play mellow music and grab my construction paper and fold them up. That was actually the idea I had last night. From my last post, the art supplies that I had made me so excited about future ideas that will enter my head. It's not that I cannot sleep thinking, but it is just super exciting for me.

So today, which is the first official day of my leave, I spent my day in the room (without even having lunch or snack) doing my crafty things. Since I cannot go out because it is cold, and I can't buy anything because I do not have any cash, I've made my very first junk journal instead. (I actually don't want to call it junk, it's not that bad. Hehe.) There is already a lot of things I can use as well so why buy more?

With all the spares I had from the cards I made and had given away, I compiled the bigger sizes and added some short paper in a pile. All in all, I was able to accumulate five sets of sheets. After folding them in half, I made sure that the distribution of the sheets is good according to my preference.

Update: Love2Craft Die Cutting And Embossing Machine From Action

Hey you everyone! As you can see at the title, this is an update about the hobby I want to pursue more and more while staying here in The Netherlands. From my previous post here, I've decided to have some investments aside from merely scissors and papers at hand. Happily, my loving husband is very supportive in everything that I do and I am more than happy about that. Ever since, I already love making cards and doing crafts. So here I am now, owning my very own die-cutting and embossing machine that we bought few days ago. For an add on, we also bought a Canon Selphy printer (€119) for pictures that I will include in the cards that I'll give away to friends. I am very happy with all of these.

This die-cutting machine is a life changer, there are now endless possibilities. We got it from Action (a Dutch/English owned discount store chain) for €39.95. It came with 2 3D embossing folder plates and a pack of a die set.

We also purchased some fancy die sets from the store since they do not cost that much, not even a euro per set. Here are the first few cards that I made the time I got the machine. Of course, I couldn't wait but to splurge my time doing some crafts.

Another Hobby Relived: Myxed Crafts

Since last week, I have made a realization (this is the worse thing to do when you got time off, you can think haha) that I want to relive the hobby I had since the very beginning of time. From my other blog, I've made a statement that I am a crafty person. There's not that much project I share here, or on our vlog (https://www.youtube.com/thedutchpinaycouple) except the one where I gave my husband an explosion box when we celebrated our very first anniversary while we were courting.

In fact, I can only work with a bunch of paper and a scissor, and viola! I can make something crafty on it. But that's not always the case, of course. Now, I am thinking of making more out of it. I would like to add more to the stash that I have, which is just a pair of scissors and some tapes.

First off, I would like to have my own die cutting machine, a starter kit. I've seen a cute little die cutter online and I am excited to have a hold of it! The sad thing is, it might not be available here in The Netherlands but I am still willing to look for another brand or alternative. It works manually and very handy.

And as I start to relive this hobby, I am going to do it a lil bit more pro this time. There's a lot of plans going on here in my head already and I guess I could not wait another day to lay my hands on them. There's also a new YT channel that I will be making for this specific project. And that's where the title comes in place. How do you like Myxed Crafts (Myx, that's basically me and craft, it's from the word itself), which can also mean mixed crafts. What do you think?

Today, we are going out. I hope we will have the chance to visit the store and look for a cutting machine, I really love to have one! And it's always my dream to pursue this little hobby.