My Top 3 Favorite Dutch Snacks

Eating has been one of our favorite bond time. Every time there's something new, GJ and I are always on the go. It is when we talk about plans for the future, current stories and just anything we can think of. If you want to read some of our food trips, you can head over Myxilog Food Trips.

So for today's post, I want to feature my Top 3 Favorite Snacks in the Netherlands. Here it goes!

1. Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel is one of the most popular treats not only in the Netherlands but most of the countries in Europe. It is made up of dough baked in a flat waffle maker, sliced in half and added caramel syrup in the middle, then placed back together. Ugghh, I so love this heavenly goodness (most especially when it's warm).

I had a fresh one at Almere Stad just before flying back to the Philippines, but wasn't able to take a picture. I am showing you a prepacked one instead. Stroopwafels come in different packs as well as different syrup flavors. With different sizes and pieces, they also sell crumbs (which are perfect for ice cream or cake topping). This is perfect for sweettooths out there.

2. Frites & Frikandel

Sorry for giving two items in one count. I just find that the two is a good pair.

So yeah, who will not love fries? Dutch fries or Frites are the best among all the fries I had. They are large and thick-cut fries. To fully enjoy this food, you should have mayonnaise and onions. And peanut sauce is great too! (But I do not use panut sauce that much.)

Frikandel is a type of hotdog/sausage which is served with onions. These are the food I never got tired of when I was in the Netherlands last 2016. And now, we had them every Friday evening, cause it's AirFry-day on Fridays! LOL

3. Oliebollen

This treat is widely available during winter since it is considered as a Christmas food/or New Year (?). Ollieballen are Dutch doughnuts (and called as dutchies) with raisins. deep fried and dredged to icing sugar.
You can already know that there's someone selling it on the street because of its aroma.

You can enjoy it with a cup of hot chocolate milk drink, coffee, but best is with tea.

There are also varieties of oliebol. The picture about is an oliebol with custard filling and a heart shaped chocolate.

These are all to try for, if it happened you'll be visiting the Netherlands soon!

How about you? What's your Top 3 Dutch Street food?

Dating a Dutch Guy; Common Things Dutch People Do

Wow! Look at that! I've been in The Netherlands for nearly a year now (and I felt like I haven't accomplished anything yet. LOL)! 

Anyhow, living in this country versus just being here for holiday are two very different things. And by staying here longer than 3 months means that I have seen a lot more.

Wedding Parties

I have not attended weddings in The Netherlands that much (only 2), but I have heard that they do that like three or more batches of guests. This is because the ceremony and the parties have different counts for their invited guests. What I mean is, everyone can attend the ceremony, which is normally held in the city hall (gemeente) and it basically consists of the bridal march and the signing of papers. The second part was a meal with the newlyweds. And that only consists of family and close relatives and friends. Then after, there is a party in a rented hall, like the reception with drinks and small things (finger food). Of course, the couple decides who they invite on these three different sessions within their wedding day.

Opening Presents in Front of the Giver

In The Philippines, when someone gave you a present, it is automatic that you keep it and wait for your "alone moment" to open them. Yes, that's what I like to do. Because in my hometown, gifts are something that you want to enjoy for yourself the first time you see it. But here in The Netherlands, when someone gives you a gift, they expect you to open it and let the world see what you got. Sometimes, it is even written, "Open Me Quick!". Hihi. I am not sure which is best, but yeah, that's how it is.

Another New Beginning

Hello lovely people! It is me again, Myx! Haven't heard from me for a long time? I know right, I've missed you too!

There were just so many things happening in our lives now, aside from the life-changing covid situation that hit all of us. Life twisted and turned but still, it must always go on.

And while there was the pandemic, Guido and I became very busy with house hunting. It was a difficult job since the house market in The Netherlands skyrocketed higher than what we expected. Well, we actually did not expect anything. We both came to this country without any idea of what to do, what to expect, and everything else.

But after a few months of looking, finally, after more than a year (I think), here we are, having the house of our dreams in our mind, ready to move and start another new beginning with our lives.

Though the house was actually not in the city where we really want to have one, we do not complain because this one is just an amazing blessing for us.

Secretly Keeping: We Bought a House in The Netherlands

So this is something I am not yet open about. Probably after a month, I can finally post this. :)

We are living in The Netherlands for a couple of months now. Staying in a rented house with my inlaws (two families) is not such a bad thing. But of course, there is stuff that we want to do freely, like for example, having our private time together.

When I arrived end of last year, we already started looking for a house. We are not really very particular. We just want a shade above our heads. Apartment, house, we don't actually mind, as long as there's something we can call our own. We have been living as nomads for quite some time. Sadly, we did not find any success in the past months. The house market in The Netherlands went so crazy that even the locals keep on complaining about the bidding process and all this stuff. In the area where we really want to live (somewhere near Amsterdam) is so impossible to find something that suits our budget. And because it's only my husband who is working at the moment (well, even if I will work, the salary will not be included in the price that we can borrow from the bank because I only have a resident permit).

I am Finally in The Netherlands!

 Hello everyone! This has been a late post but yes, Is till want to inform you guys that I finally stepped foot in the country of my husband as a probational resident. Wuhoo! It was a swift application that we had. The only thing that consumed most of our time was waiting for the result of my exam. It took us 6 weeks of waiting. And without it, we won't be able to proceed with the process.

After receiving the result of my exam, we then compiled all the documents that we needed. There were not that much actually. We only needed to fill out 4 individual documents, a document to be filled out by my husband's company's bookkeeper and everything is good. I did not even use my birth certificate and marriage certificate. I think we had an edge because we registered our marriage in the municipality last 2018 and also in the BRP in Den Haag last year. I am not sure if the records I have with the immigration helped because I have been flying back and forth to The Netherlands for 5 years now (since 2015).

After we submitted our application, it was another waiting game. But happily, after 7 working days, it was approved! We were also surprised because others took a few months (up to 3 months, that's the max) before they receive a YES.

When we received a positive response from the Dutch immigration, we immediately tried to get an appointment with the Dutch embassy in Manila to have my sticker (visa). It then will take up to 10 working days before you can finally get your hands on it. Fortunately, mine only took 5 working days and it was shipped to me immediately.

I can say that everything was guided by God's holy spirit because everything went to smooth and quick. We then booked a flight for me so I can come here as soon as possible.

There was no obstacle on our application and even on my flight. Even in the middle on the lockdown in The Netherlands, I still entered so peacefully.

Now, I am on my last day of home quarantine. Tomorrow is the first day that I can freely go out of the house. There is still a lockdown here (until January 18), but that's ok, at least I can now roam around the neighborhood and meet the neighbors (from afar).

Here's our vlog about the travel I had from Manila to Amsterdam. Enjoy watching!