How to Register Your Marriage in Basisregistratie Personen (BRP) The Hague

If you are married outside of The Netherlands, you are required to register it in your local municipality. You can do it by following the steps here: Register Your Marriage In The Netherlands. After this, you might as well consider converting your document into a Dutch certificate. In this way, if ever you needed a copy of it, you don't need to go to The Philippines to extract one. You can simply ask online and it will be delivered at your home, without losing any time of your day.

To be able to do this, here are the requirements:

- Birth certificate of the Dutch national
- Passport of the Dutch national
- Registration from the municipality in The Netherlands
- Marriage certificate (Apostille)
- Foreign birth certificate
- Foreign passport
- Declaration of Non-Dutch Nationality form

After compiling all of the requirements, you can now submit a request on their website, There are no fees for converting your certificate(s). You pay only for the costs of sending back your original documents by registered post. You will receive a payment request for this together with the relevant documents. It can take up to 4 months until your converted document is ready.

And that's it! If you have any queries, please do not forget to contact me in any information available in this blog. It can be on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. So, thank you and have a great day! Doei!

Becoming Dutch: Bicycle Hunt

So here's the thing. The situation now with the pandemic isn't getting any better. There are more and more people being infected with the virus and sadly, a lot of people died all around the world. In The Netherlands, there are now more than 18, 000 people tested positive and more than a thousand died. In my country in The Philippines, there are more than three thousand positive cases and a hundred deaths. This is why people are advised to stay at their own homes, avoid social gatherings and keep distance of 6 feet or 1.5 meters.

And since the number of positive cases is increasing, we still don't know what lies ahead. The government here has not implemented any lockdown to prevent huge jump of economic loss. Anyhow, we still are told to be prepared by any means.

That is one of the reasons why I needed to have a bicycle myself. If ever there'll be things in the future that we cannot use any fuel-automated vehicles, at least we have each our own means of transportation. Another reason is, I am integrating myself into the Dutch system so I needed to learn and have one myself.

It was a swift flight this time!

So now that I am back here in my husband's arm, that is, in The Netherlands, I just want to share with you the experience that I had from the luggage drop to the immigration here in The Netherlands. It was my smoothest flight so far since the very first time I had an international trip. Why? In my first to the last one except this, they gave me a hard time in the immigration. I had no idea why are they being so difficult to me. Urrgghh.

Happily, now things have changed. Let me tell you guys what I've been through this time.

I've been very anxious about my flight because for the first time in my life, I needed to fly alone. Yes, you heard me right. It's going to be the first time I will be flying all by my self. So I had some sleepless nights back home, I also had stress ate, and I have been thinking so much how will I do and what will happen to me in this flight.

Here's then what happened. My cousin from abroad went home to The Philippines to spend some time with her parents. My Mom and sister went to see her (that's about 5 hours drive from the place we live). When they learned that she will be flying back for her work, they've also learned that she will be in my flight as well. Now that's God's blessing!

In the time of our flight, we found each other inside the airport catching up and having my fave combos together. It has been so long when we had a good conversation like that.

At least...

It's ten o'clock. Dogs of the neighbor are barking, somehow, it seems like all the other neighbors do not actually getting disturbed by the sound. I am. It's just difficult to go outside, talk to the owners, in the middle of the night. I'm happy tho that I do not work at night anymore, otherwise, my students will never be happy hearing those loud barks.

Anyways, I just finished my Netflix series. You might know about it since it is one of top 10 on the platform. It's Crush Landing On You. It was nice, I finished it in a few days. I was short but I do not complain, I prefer that than the one we have in our local TV, it has been years now, the main actor was shot, stabbed, poisoned (I think), but still well and kicking.

Today, I planned to call the water delivery because I only have a few drops left, but then, I fell asleep. This morning, I went to check on the availability of my visa card in the bank. I've been waiting for it for three weeks now. When they told me that it's available, I made a schedule that I will be retrieving my card. Sadly, the name in the card remained the same, my maiden name. My plan is actually to take it with me abroad. I was dismayed. The expectation turned into a wave of anger inside of me. Of course, I did not let it go out but inside, I was so mad.

Then after, I went to pay some bills. The house rent, the telephone bill, a gift for a friend. Seems like never-ending bills to pay.

I went home, hungry, only to find out that I do not have spare groceries for this week anymore. Anyways, I will not spend that much here any longer. It's better to empty the fridge than to leave something that might spoil.

Few minutes after going up to bed, I felt like I am not tired yet. My mind is still working so sharply that I needed to force my body to stand up and do something.

So far, February had been good to me. My anxiety from the previous post left, and I felt better emotionally. I miss my man, and that's given. But not for long, we will be with each other again.

Now I feel tired, after yawing, I think I am ready to go to bed again and sleep. I hope March will be better than February. Success!

How To Get CFO (Guidance and Counseling Program) Certificate 2020

Disclaimer: All procedures and requirements that I will share in this post are my own experience when I obtained my CFO Certificate. I am not, in any way, affiliated with Commission on Filipino Overseas office.

Hi beautiful people! Another day, another blog! Last week, I went to Manila to attend this Guidance and Counseling Program because I am flying to Europe again next month. And since this will be my very first flight without anyone, I do not want to take the risk of being offloaded just because I do not have this specific certificate (which I supposedly applied for the past 5 years already).

Why do you need to get one?
If you are leaving as fiancé(e) / spouse or partner of a foreigner or a former Filipino, you need to attend the Guidance Counseling Program (GCP) at Commission on Filipino Overseas' office.

Things to know:
- Seminars are conducted according to your partner's citizenship. There are rooms for US, Europe, AsPac (Asia Pacific), etc.
- Fifteen attendees (for CFO Manila) and twelve (for CFO Cebu) are accommodated per session.
- Secure an appointment through the GCP Online Appointment System (GOAS).
- It is important to bring the confirmation letter or form on the day of the appointed seminar.
- The certificate costs Php400.
- It is valid for as long as you are married to the petitioner that you've applied for, the first time you attended the seminar.
- Even those who will fly as tourist needs to attend the said seminar (given that you are in a relationship to a foreign national).

Procedures on securing an appointment online:
1. Log in to and register at the blue tab that states "Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP)".
2. Secure an appointment according to your location.
- Red for Manila
- Blue for Cebu
- Green for Clark
- Yellow for Davao
3. Once you finished answering the first form, check your email and look for "CFO GCP-Manila Online Appointment" (if Manila) to confirm your e-mail.
4. After confirmation, click the link at the bottom left of the page to input your data. Log-in with your e-mail address and answer the following questions about you and your partner/petitioner.
5. Print the confirmation and bring all the necessary documents on the day of your appointment.

Here are the requirements:
1. Two (2) original valid identification cards with photograph;
2. Duly completed guidance and counseling form to be secured at the CFO;
3. If married in the Philippines, original Certificate of Marriage on security paper from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA);
If married overseas, original Report of Marriage duly registered by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or the Department of Foreign Affairs; and
4. Payment of Php 400.00 counseling and registration fee.

What to do next?
1. Go to the CFO office of your choice on the day of your appointment. (Others said that it is better to arrive an hour before the seminar time.)
2. Guards will call on those who have the seminar and will ask for the confirmation letter and an Identification card. You will not leave the letter but you will leave your ID in exchange with a visitor pass or tag.
3. You may now proceed to the third floor (CFO Manila), and show your appointment letter, another ID card or your passport and marriage certificate (if married already). They might ask additional identification or certificate.
4. They will give a 3-pages form (CFO-MIE-FR-GRF-001) to be filled up before the seminar. They will verify it and ask for more details to make sure you've completed the answers in the form.
5. The seminar will proceed at the time of your appointment and can last up to three or four hours.
6. After that, names will be called for a one-on-one interview. Interview time depends on the person and the relationship they are in.

Here are the questions they asked me (most, if not all):
- How did you meet?
- How long have you been courting before getting married?
- Why don't you have babies yet? (upon knowing that we are married for almost two years)
- Can I see photos of you together?
- Does he have an Alien Card? (I mentioned that he is living in The Philippines for almost five years already)

7. After the interview, you need to go down to the first floor and wait for your name to be called.
8. Pay Php400 for the certificate and wait until it is released. Check the spelling of your name before leaving.

And there you go, you now have your CFO certificate. You cannot laminate it for it has a chip or a QR code where Immigration Officers can see the record of your partner or petitioner. However, folding it in half may do. A lost certificate will cost Php800, though you do not need to attend the seminar anymore. You just need to present an Affidavit of Lost.

requirements source: